Aromatherapy for Stress Relief at Work

An ancient practice, aromatherapy is commonly employed as a method for stress reduction at work…
Ways to Quit Sugar Addict...
Ways to Quit Sugar Addiction Ways to break your sugar addiction
The healing powers of gem...
The healing powers of gemstones You & I speaks with Ms Bhavana Jakhia, Head of Digital Ventures at Om Jewellers about the healing powers of gemstones
Your Zodiac can predict w...
Your Zodiac can predict whether you are psycho or calm during an argument Based on when you were born, you’re more likely to be high strung or calm when you get into an argument.
Celebrating International...
Celebrating International Yoga Day 2016 PM Modi ushers in International Yoga Day 2016
Arianna Huffington shows ...
Arianna Huffington shows that sleep tool a successful person needs. Arianna Huffington, the voracious Greek lady who built an empire on her steely resolve has come to the conclusion that the most important to..
20 Tips For The Perfect S...
20 Tips For The Perfect Smile Dazzle everyone with your pearly white.
Sayonara Supplements!
Sayonara Supplements! As our bodies develop over the years, we require essential nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals and proteins. However, many among us ..
No Pain, More Gain
No Pain, More Gain No Pain, More Gain
Fitness diaries: Sayali Bhagat
Fitness diaries: Sayali Bhagat Fitness diaries: Sayali Bhagat
Actress Tanishaa Mukerji Decodes Her Flair Fo...
Actress Tanishaa Mukerji Decodes Her Flair For Fitness With fitness as her passion, it is little wonder that working out and following a diet regime is a way of life for actress Tanisha Mukerji. ..
Long Live the King!
Long  Live the  King! Summer is here, and with it of course comes those succulent and juicy mangoes. The “king of fruits” is not only full of irresistible flavour..
Health on the Go!
Health on the Go! Save your coins by skipping the vending machine when you travel, and opt for these homemade snacks instead.
Nuts about Almond Milk
Nuts about Almond Milk Whether you’re a vegan, sensitive to cow’s milk or soya, or just don’t like how they taste, almond milk is an ideal alternative. It may be t..
Crush Those Cravings!
Crush Those Cravings! Plagued by hunger with your calorie-burning summer training in full swing? When it comes to dropping those extra kilos, keeping cravings and..